2020 General Election Candidates

The following candidates have filed to run in the 2020 General Election.

City Council District 3:

(names appear as on the ballot)
Name: Darrin Rudy Rudolph
Age: 55
Occupation:  Transport Human Remains
Mailing Address:  30 Wylie St.
Telephone:  903-209-7839

Name: Hank Guichelaar
Age: 62
Occupation:  Retired
Mailing Address:  615 E. Melton St.
Telephone: (cell) 903-240-6183

Name: Wray Wade
Age: 51
Occupation:  Business Owner
Mailing Address:  1012 S. Green St.
Telephone: (cell) 903-921-0139 

City Council District 4

The District 4 election was canceled by the City Council on Thursday, Feb. 27 after only one candidate, incumbent Councilwoman Kristen Ishihara, filed to run.  Ishihara will serve another three-year term expiring May 2023.