Municipal Court

Municipal Court

The Longview Municipal Court is located at 302 W. Cotton St. inside the Longview Police and Courts Building.  The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all Class C and fine-only misdemeanors filed with the court. This includes violations of the Transportation Code, Penal Code, Education Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, the Health and Safety Code and Longview Code of Ordinances violations.

Some hearings will continue to be held virtually through Zoom software except Bench Trials, Building Standards docket, Jury Trials.   If you are scheduled for a hearing or trial and would like to request any special arrangements please contact the court, 903-237-1186.

If you are currently scheduled for a court hearing or trial you should contact the Municipal Court to ensure that we have your current telephone number and mailing address so that you will receive future notifications concerning your case. 

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