The Purchasing Division is the point of contact for procurement of goods and services for the City of Longview. The Division is also responsible the disposal of surplus goods and real property. By Law purchasing transactions and surplus disposal are required to be conducted by competitive process with few exceptions. If interested in current bid opportunities or surplus items available please contact us.

The City has established policies and practices in accordance with Texas State Laws. Purchasing policies have been designed to stimulate competition, prevent favoritism, and secure the best goods and services at the lowest price.

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If you are interested in doing business with the city, we suggest the following:

  • Start by contacting the Purchasing Department before going to another Department. Depending on the nature of you business, there may be occasions when a vendor is directed to a specific Department or Division.
  • Visit with the Purchasing Division to show your products or describe your services. We can explain the Purchasing process at the city and direct you to the best prospects for your products or services.
  • Attend bid openings. In the interest of open government we welcome you at bid openings and public meetings.