District 3 - Wray Wade

Wray WadeWray Wade, District 3

Elected: February 2018
Current Term Expires: May 2026

Wray Wade represents District 3.  He was raised in District 3 and attended Longview ISD.  Wray received his undergraduate degree from St. Martins University in Washington and earned a graduate degree from Oregon State University.  Following graduate school, Wade moved to Japan to study Japanese language and culture.  He worked 10 years as a Japanese interpreter while living in New York City and Japan.
 Wray returned to Longview and has worked as an entrepreneur with various ventures such as Wray Wade Enterprises, i20 Sports and Entertainment, and the Barber Institute of Texas.
Council Liaison Responsibilities*:

*Liaison responsibilities are reassigned by the mayor annually in June.

Council Mayor form of Government
The City Council is comprised of a Mayor, who is elected at large, and six Council Members, one elected from each district. Council members do not have day-to-day administrative duties, but rather focus on big picture issues as the elected policymakers for the city. Council members also take feedback from the community, approve the budget and tax rate, adopt ordinances and resolutions, and establish goals and provide direction. The City Council is also responsible to supervise, monitor, and evaluate the performance of the City Manager, City Attorney, City Secretary, and Municipal Judge.  Council members are elected to three-year terms with a limit of three full terms.