Recycling Program

The Sanitation Department provides recycling services to the people of Longview. All Longview residents who pay a City of Longview water bill receive a 95 gallon trash cart along with a 95 gallon recycling cart. Both carts are black with the trash cart having a black lid and the recycling cart having a blue lid. Cart service is provided once per week. To find your collection day visit the Sanitation Website.

Always Recycle Banner

Items that can go in the recycling cart are:

 Clean plastics #1 and #2, clean household metal cans and paper/cardboard.

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Items that cannot go in the blue recycling cart include:

Plastics #3 - #7, Styrofoam, Glass*, Food/Liquids, Clothing, or Wood.

For questions concerning certain items visit our FAQ page or call Sanitation at 903-237-1250.

Commercial recycling service is provided to qualifying commercial establishments. Visit our Commercial Recycling page for more information.

*Glass bottles and jars can be taken to the Compost Site and several locations throughout Longview for glass recycling.

The City of Longview will accept used antifreeze at the Fleet Services department from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. 

Texas Commission On Environmental Quality Recycling Resources