Electronics Recycling

The City of Longview Recycling Division hosts an electronics recycling two times per year as part of Longview Green and Clean. The events are held on the second Saturday of April and the second Saturday of November at the Lear Park softball parking lot, 100 H.G. Mosley Pkwy.  There is no charge for this service and it is open to the public.

Please Note: A City of Longview water bill is required for electronics recycling. There is a limit of one TV / CRT / Monitor that can be recycled at Longview Green and Clean.

List of Accepted Items for Electronic Recycling Event:
Please Note: Items with coolants and Industrial Material will NOT be accepted during this event.

Cable TV Converter Equipment
CB (Used Citizen Band Radio Equipment)
Cellular Phones
Circuit Boards
Commercial Computer Systems
Commercial Radio Broadcasting Equipment
Computer Parts
Computer Servers/Mainframes
Copy Machines
CRT Monitors
Desktop Computers
Disk Drives
Electronics (general)
Fax Machines
Flat Screen Monitors
Floppy Disks
Laptop Computers
Magnetic Tape Media
Mixed Components
Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC Chips)
Networking Hardware
PBX Systems
PDA/Handheld Systems
Phone Answering Machines
Populated Circuit Boards
Satellite TV Equipment
Sewing Machines
SIM Cards
Single Line Phones
Soldered Circuit Boards
Telephone Switch Gears
Two Way Radios
Used Paging Systems
VCR Tapes
Video Cameras
Voice Mail Systems
Walkie Talkie

State law requires manufacturers that offer for sale or sell new computer equipment in or into Texas to offer consumers a free recycling program and be on the TCEQ list of computer equipment manufacturers. Check the TCEQ website for more information.

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