CitySend Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I submit emergencies using CitySend?
No. Although CitySend is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately. If the issue you are reporting is a public safety emergency, please call 9-1-1. If the issue you are reporting is a water or sewer emergency, please call 903-236-3030 or 903-576-6767. 

Q. Can I create a new report using my tablet device, such as an iPad?
Yes! However, many tablet devices don't have a true GPS and instead use Wi-Fi triangulation, which pulls location based on the number of mapped Wi-Fi hotspots. This setup can result in less accurate location information in certain areas. Always before submitting a report. a user must confirm the location. During this step, the user can correct inaccurate location information captured by the device hardware. 

Q. Can I enter a service request / report without adding a media file, such as a photo, video or audio file?
Currently the mobile app requires users to upload a media file. However, you can report issues without uploading a file using the online request form at

Q. How is my contact information stored? 
A. The mobile app prompts a user to provide First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. A user only has to provide this information once and it is then stored within the app. Users may still submit reports anonymously by selecting this option in the Settings menu. Go to the 'More' Tab, select the 'Settings' menu, and check the box marked 'Report Anonymously'. Any information, such as personal information or location is only used for reporting purposes. CitySourced, the app that powers CitySend, states that they will never sell your information for commercial purposes. For additional information about the City of Longview privacy policy, please click here.

Q. Can I enter a service request / report anonymously?
Yes, however, providing contact information is encouraged to allow for quicker follow-up and resolution to the submitted issue. To report anonymously, in the mobile app go to the 'More' Tab and select the 'Settings' Option. In the 'Settings' window, make sure that the "Send Reports Anonymously" checkbox is checked. 

Q. Does CitySend track my location?
Whenever you open and interact with the CitySend app on your mobile device, the location information from your mobile device is used to tailor the experience to your current location. This information is NOT published or shared with others. The app saves that specific location information until the next time you do something in the app, at which time the old location information is deleted from your mobile device and replaced with your most recent location information. Your location data is only shared when you decide to proactively report an issue.

Q. How can I let others know about CitySend?
Please help spread the word about the CitySend Service Request System. You can download a CitySend flyer to distribute to your friends and neighbors. City staff are also available to provide presentations to groups. For more information, contact 903-237-1041.

Q. How do I get support for CitySend?
Support for CitySend is available through the Geographic Information Systems Department during regular office hours. Contact 903-237-1042 or by email