Water Quality

Safe drinking water is an essential and precious resource for our community. The City of Longview utilizes the latest technology to treat your drinking water and this water is tested continuously to ensure high quality.

The primary goal and responsibility of the Water Supply and Purification, a Division of the City of Longview’s Public Works Department, is to provide you with safe, potable and reliable drinking water. The City of Longview is committed to maintaining an adequate raw water supply and for producing potable water at sufficient pressure, volume and quality for our customers. We strive to continuously improve the service to the community and wholesale customers by monitoring the watershed and our water treatment plants and distribution system to ensure that they meet local, state and federal regulations.

The divisions of Water Supply and Water Purification use 3 sources of raw water and can treat up to 52 million gallons of water per day at the 3 water treatment plants. This water is delivered to customers through over 600 miles of water lines.

Listed below is the annual Water Quality Report, which is produced and distributed each year in early summer. The 2019 report details water quality during calendar year 2019 and is available in July 2020.

Water Quality Reports