Check Register for Accounts Payable

With the goal of achieving greater accountability through transparency, the City of Longview has embarked on a mission to empower the citizens of Longview to track their tax dollars at work.

With the implementation of the check register, the City of Longview leads the way in the ongoing movement toward transparency and accountability to our citizens. The check register includes each check written by the City of Longview to vendors during the stated report period. Each document listed will have the following payment criteria: check date; check number, vendor name, account description; and transaction amount. These reports are posted in 2 week increments.

These .pdf documents are searchable by clicking Ctrl + F after opening the desired document.

Please note: All Accounts Payable checks are represented in each check register. The check register is organized according to the dates that checks are processed. For example only the dates that the checks are processed are represented in the check register.