The Longview Parks and Recreation Department wants to keep you informed of events, activities and news throughout the year.  Please consider the following ways to stay connected with us.

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  1. Notify Me

    Sign up to receive text or email notifications of news items, calendar updates, or meeting agendas using the Notify Me tool.  Please note: there are several different City of Longview related notification options within the Notify Me system, so choose the ones of most interest to you. 

Notify Me Listings for Parks

  1. Parks and Recreation News – Receive text or email notification when we add parks news items to the website.
    Parks and Recreation Events – Receive text or email notification when we add items to the Parks calendar.
    Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – Receive text or email notification when we add a new agenda for the Parks and Recreation Board.

    Unsubscribe - Changing Preferences
    If you'd like to unsubscribe or alter your preferences in any way, login here with your email address 

  1. CitySend – Service Request System

    See a maintenance issue in Longview? Report it using the CitySend app, the City of Longview’s service request system available on mobile phones or on this website. The requests will automatically be routed to the responsible department, which will make appropriate changes.