Facade Improvement Grant

The City of Longview is helping local businesses in eligible areas improve their curb appeal with the store front/Facade Improvement Program.

A key element to the design-planning component of a revitalization effort is the return of business activity to the South Longview Investment Partnership (SLIP) area commercial corridor. Fresh paint, new awnings, or complete facade rehabilitation are the first signs that something positive is happening. These first few steps can be the spark to ignite interest and spur new commercial excitement. The Façade Improvement Grant Program provides a catalyst for these first steps.

The City of Longview provides money through this grant process to commercial property owners or business owners (with property owner approval) to encourage restoration projects of building facades and to enhance the building’s overall exterior appearance. The grants are funded by the City of Longview Community Development using Community Development Block Grant money. The money is from federal funds made possible through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The City of Longview offers this book to serve as a reference guide. These guidelines cannot cover every situation nor solve every problem; rather they offer basic information about the process.

The Facade Improvement Grant Program application form is provided in this packet. Submit the completed grant application form with the following:

  •  Applicant Identification
  • Property Owner Identification
  • Copy of SSN or Tax ID Number
  • Exact Location of property
  • Proof of Property Insurance.
  • Two (2) copies of the following:
  •  written project description,
  •  design plan(s)
  •  drawing(s)
  •  schematic(s)
  •  and historical photograph(s) for each project
  • Contractor and material cost estimates for each project. (Please see attached for example)
  • Matching fund verification, proof of financial responsibility.
  • Signature of the applicant and property owner.

Facade Improvement Grant Packet