Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the income eligibility limits for the CDBG/HOME grant programs?
A. Total household income cannot exceed moderate income limits as determined for Longview by the Federal Government (HUD).

Q. When does Community Development release grants?
A. The Community Development Department releases grants once a year usually the first week in May if funding is available.

Q. How do I know when I can apply for a grant?
A. When grants are released, a notice appears in the legal section of the Longview News Journal and on CityView Municipal Television in May.

Q. What are the qualifications for a grant?
A. It depends on what grant you are applying for, but all grants require that the home must be within the City limits of Longview and owner occupied, no portion of the property in a flood plain, applicant must meet the income guidelines set by HUD and a warranty deed or a deed of trust in the owner's name (a contract for sale or contract for deed will not be accepted).

Q. Do I qualify for a grant if I have a Longview address?
A. The entire property must be inside the City Limits of Longview to be eligible for grant assistance. If you are not sure if your property is entirely in the City Limits, you can check on the MyCity interactive map by zooming in to your property location.

Q. Do I automatically get a grant once I apply?
A. No. There is an application process that will supply this office with required documentation, such as a valid deed, income verification, and proof property taxes are paid. If applying for the full grant, the property must be appraised at $20,000 or more, the property owner must supply this office with income verification, a valid deed, homeowners insurance, proof property taxes are paid, and the property must be repairable within the grant limit of $25,000.

Q. Can I get a grant more than once?
A. Program assistance is available only one time and is subject to the availability of funds. You are not eligible if you have received housing rehabilitation assistance previously from the city.

Q. How do I qualify for a First Time Homeowner grant?
A. All applications for the First Time Homebuyer's program are made through a qualified lending institution. A brochure listing the guidelines is available by email, fax or at the and Community Development office, 1202 N. Sixth St.