Strategic Direction

“Going Forward” 

The Longview Fire Department fully understands its primary role as a public service agency for the City of Longview. The members of the department, with a great deal of pride, embrace the opportunity to deliver high-quality emergency response services to the citizens and visitors of our great city. It is our hope that fire and emergency medical response will continue to be an essential element of the City of Longview’s customer service commitment, as well as a priority for the current and future elected officials of Longview. 

Our Strategic Plan, as the ones before it, provides guidance and stability for the department as it continues to be upwardly mobile in terms of meeting the needs of the community. The current steady rate of growth and continued economic stability of the Longview area are encouraging factors with implications that justify the need for the Fire Department to be looking ahead at the future. When it comes to the priority of emergency response for a city, the matter of playing “catch-up” should not be a part of any equation as it is often done so at the expense of the health and welfare of those the City exists to serve.

The Longview Fire Department embraces its position as a key member of the City’s Customer Service Team and looks forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in terms of meeting the service demands of both an aging and growing community. For Longview Fire Department, maintaining the public’s trust and respect is vital to our success as both a profession and a partner to the City’s many different operative areas. 

Through the implementation of this document, it is our desire to continue the long-standing history of excellent public service in Emergency Response/Preparedness in Longview … while at the same time keeping pace with the increasing demands of an expanding and wonderfully diverse resident-base, all of whom make Longview such an exciting city to call home.

Chief Signature

J.P. Steelman
Fire Chief/EMC