Beginning Employment

Depending on the individual qualifications of the new employee he/she will be required to complete various training.

Firefighter (Entry) ­

Individuals with the accepted Firefighter AND Paramedic certifications, will be required to complete the Paramedic Field Training Program (approximately 6 months or so). At this time, they will attempt the Paramedic Check Off and become eligible to receive Paramedic Pay in addition to their current salary.

Fire Apprentice

Individuals with partial, one, or incomplete certifications, will be required to complete one or possibly all of the following based on current status:

  • Fire Academy
  • EMT School
  • Paramedic School
  • Paramedic Field Training Program
The entire process may potentially take up to 24 months for completion.

Once an employee has successfully completed the Field Training Program and worked as a “Checked­-Off Paramedic” for 1 year, the employee will move to Firefighter 1 status.

Upon Graduation from the Fire Academy

Existing or graduating Firefighters/Apprentices will immediately participate in standard fire service activities such as fire suppression, inspections, rescue operations, pre-­fire planning, and station and equipment maintenance.
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