Flash Flood Safety Information

When Floodwaters Cover the Road, Back Up!

Flooding is the most common cause of weather­-related deaths in Texas. As little as six inches of water can knock adults off their feet. Vehicles aren't safe either. When drivers see water across a road, they need to back away and choose a different route. Never drive through water on a road.

  • During periods of heavy rain, stay away from streambeds, drainage ditches, and culverts.
  • Never drive your car into water of unknown depth. Most flash flood deaths occur when people drive their vehicles into flood waters. Never go around barricades!
  • Be especially cautious at night, when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.
  • If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and immediately seek higher ground. Flood water may rise very quickly and could cover the vehicle or sweep it away.
  • Water is a very powerful force and should never be underestimated.
  1. Flood Prone Areas

    During flash flood events, some roadways, intersections, underpasses, and other areas are prone to flood.  The flood prone area map provides a general overview of some of these trouble spots and is not intended to be an exhaustive list. 

    FEMA Flood Hazard Areas

    The FEMA Flood Plain Hazards map is an interactive map of the City of Longview's floodplain and floodway areas. The map also includes data points highlighting properties that have received previous flood mitigation determinations.