Commercial Cart Service

The City of Longview Sanitation Division offers cart trash and recycling service to commercial customers.


  • Basic Commercial Service   $30.36* (Includes use of one 95 gallon rolling trash cart, and one 95 gallon recycling cart)
  • Each Additional Trash Cart $7.50**
  • Each Additional Recycle Cart $7.50**
  • Cart(s) Serviced Once Weekly  
  *Monthly fee excluding taxes and fuel charge.
** Monthly fee excluding taxes (There is no fuel charge for additional carts).


See the Sanitation Collection Administrative Regulations for the rules for Handload Commercial Service.

Important Notes:

  • Service is provided once weekly (trash and recycling are picked up on the same day)
  • All Garbage in the cart must be bagged (recycling can be bagged or loose).
  • The Cart remains the property of the City of Longview. We expect commercial handload customers to take reasonable care of the carts. It must not be painted, mutilated, altered or modified in any way.
  • Carts are tracked by the serial number. It is important that commercial handload customers do not mix their carts with other customers.