Rates and Fees

The following rates and fees are in accordance with the City of Longview Resolution 4818 and are effective as of October 1, 2014. Listed below are the most current utility rates, and fees that can be incurred with your utility account.
Water Charges Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
5/8" Meter $10.35 $19.14
1" Meter $25.88 $38.82
1 1/2" Meter $51.75 $77.63
2" Meter $82.80 $124.20
3" Meter $165.60 $248.40
Per 1,000 gallons
(After initial 2,000 gallons)
$2.55 $4.00
Sewer Charges Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
Multi-Family (>3 units) $16.10 $27.62
All others $12.25 $21.24
Per 1,000 gallons $3.85 $6.38
Refuse Charges Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
Basic commercial cart $29.81 $59.62
Each additional cart $7.50 $15.00
Each additional recycling $5.00 $10.00
Residential garbage $14.95 $29.95
Tax Charges Gregg County Harrison County
  8.25% 7.75%
Fee Amount

Activation Fee $50.00
A nonrefundable fee charged for connecting to an existing water service. 

Re‐activation Fee $50.00

A nonrefundable fee charged to any customer reconnecting to the water system after the account has been deactivated for non-payment.

Inspection turn on $25.00

Charged to customers who require water to be turned on for a plumbing inspection only. Water service will be on for a maximum of 5 days.

Transfer fee $25.00

Charged to turn on water meter at one location and off at another in connection with the transfer from one service address to another location. There must be no more than 14 days between the water being turned off at previous address and on at the new address.

Meter re‐set fee $25.00
Charged to customers that had the meter pulled while they were at a service address and now want the meter re‐installed. 

Meter testing fee $50.00

Charged when customer request a meter test and the meter is found to be within industry tolerances (AWWA) standards. Fees covers the cost of removing, shipping and testing meter. This fee is only for water meters up to 1". Any meter testing fee associated with larger meters will be determined by the Director of Public Works.

After hours fee $25.00

Charged to any customer who request any water related service after 5 p.m. or on weekends and holidays.

Courtesy fee $29.95

Charged to customers who request the water be turned on for a time period no longer  than 14 days. To be eligible customer must have a current water account. Fee only entitles customer usage of up to 2,000 gallon threshold will be charged at the current per 1,000 gallon rate.

Emergency off fee $25.00

Charged to any customer who request that their service be cut-off for emergency purposes.

2nd data log fee $25.00

Charged to any customer who has had a data log and request a second data log within a 12 month time period. 

1st tampering fee $150.00

Charged to any customer who damages or tampers with the meter, valve, or other City  equipment. Only authorized City of Longview employees or licensed plumbers are  allowed to exercise water valves. 
2nd tampering fee $250.00
3rd tampering fee $500.00

Same day service fee $25.00

Charged to any customer who request any water related service be performed on the  same day. 

Temporary off fee $25.00

Charged to any customer who request that their service be temporarily disconnected for  any reason. 

Return Payment fee $30.00

Charged to any customer account for a returned payment. This fee is charged regardless of the payment method that was returned.