Pedestrian Transit Access Plan

In 2013, the MPO, in conjunction with the City of Longview and Longview Transit, contracted Freese & Nichols Inc. (FNI) to conduct a Pedestrian­Transit Access Study.

The Pedestrian­ Transit Access Plan focuses on identifying potential capital improvements along the focus corridors that will:
  1. connect current land uses with transit stops; 
  2. connect market segments, such as LeTourneau University, retail centers, medical facilities and the Lear Park complex, to the multimodal complex; 
  3. and create improved, safe, ADA compliant, and attractive passenger access.
The goal of this plan was to identify barriers that exist for pedestrians between the origins and destinations along the transit routes.Examples of barriers may include missing links of sidewalk between residential areas and the transit routes or pedestrian signals at high volume intersections. Simply put, barriers are existing conditions that hinder or prevent pedestrians, within a reasonable walking distance, from accessing transit services. Once identified, this plan formulated strategies to address the barriers, prioritize the work needed and develop implementation strategies based on available funding sources.

The various chapters of the plan are located below:
Due to the large size of the Appendices, copies have been made available through the Longview MPO Offices.

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