Technical Committee

The MPO Technical Committee, constituted of staff members from participating public entities and agencies, develops policies, plans and projects. The Technical Committee provides professional and technical reviews of transportation needs and makes recommendations to the Policy Board for approval.

Technical Committee Members:

  • Macie Wyers, Longview MPO Planner
  • Brooke Droptini, TxDOT, Tyler
  • Terri Jolly, TxDOT, Atlanta
  • Deanne Simmons, TxDOT, Atlanta
  • Will Buskell, TxDOT, Longview
  • Vernon Webb, TxDOT, Tyler
  • Nick Page, TxDOT, North Region
  • Rolin McPhee, City of Longview
  • Keith Bonds, City of Longview
  • Michael Shirley, City of Longview
  • Stephen Ha, City of Longview
  • Ingrid Self, City of Longview
  • John Paul Jones, Harrison County
  • Mike Bills, Gregg County
  • Scott Lewis, Longview Transit
  • Jim Camp, ETCOG
  • Charlie Smith, City of White Oak
  • Robert Johnson, City of Gladewater
  • Justin Morgan, FHWA
  • Lynn Hayes, Federal Transit Admin.
  • Dave Spurrier, NET RMA
  • Ricky Tow, City of Gladewater
  • Jamie Zech, TCEQ
  • Jeffrey Harmon, TxDOT, Tyler
  • Alton Bradley, City of Longview
  • Angela Choy, City of Longview
  • Katie Martin, TxDOT, Atlanta

Latest News

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