General Information

After receiving a citation, you are scheduled for a court date called an Arraignment hearing. The date of this hearing is located at the bottom of your citation, and you will receive a notice in the mail at the address on the citation.

You can resolve your citation before the Arraignment Hearing or choose to appear at the hearing. The following links contain information on the most common ways to handle your citation.

The Longview Municipal Court is not holding any in-person trials or hearings at this time.  All trials and hearing are being held virtually through the Zoom software over the internet, with the exception of jury trials.  Jury trials are suspended until further notice. Please contact the court if you are scheduled for a virtual hearing and require an accommodation due to the lack of the required technology or technical skill in order to participate.  

Juveniles and Minors*

*This group includes someone who is under 21 years old and received a citation for tobacco or alcohol or someone who is 16 or younger for all other Class C Misdemeanors.