Juvenile Cases

The State of Texas classifies anyone under the age of 17 (under 21 for alcoholic offenses and under 18 for tobacco) as a juvenile.

Making a Plea
All juvenile cases are heard by the Judge. The fine may NOT be paid at the window until the defendant has appeared before the Judge. Summons are sent to the parent/guardian of all juvenile offenders. Parents/guardians are required to attend court with the juvenile.

Failure to Attend Court
Juveniles and their parents who fail to appear in court as summoned may be brought to the court by a City Marshal. Should the Marshal be unable to locate the child, the state will be notified and the juvenile's drivers license will be suspended. Should the juvenile not have a current drivers license, the state will put a hold on the ability to obtain a license until the case is resolved.

Teen Court
Juveniles may have their case referred to Teen Court upon making a plea of no contest or guilty. A non-refundable $40.00 fee is charged. The case is then heard for sentencing only in the Teen Court process. The defendant is sentenced to community service hours and terms by the Teen Court jury. Once the requirements are met, the case is dismissed. Eligible juveniles must be currently enrolled in school and cannot have taken Teen Court within the past 24 months from the date of the citation. If the juvenile fails to comply with any terms of the Teen Court requirements they will be found in non-compliance and will be required to appear before the Municipal Court Judge in a Show Cause Hearing to show cause as to why they did not complete the terms of the court order. Juveniles found to be in non-compliance will also be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

For more information concerning the Teen Court program please contact 903-237-2736 or check the Longview Teen Court Website.