Not Guilty Plea

Making a Not Guilty Plea:

You must appear in person or in writing at the Municipal Court located at 302 W. Cotton Street, Longview, Texas to enter a plea of not guilty. You will have the option of a trial by Judge or a trial by jury. Once you plead not guilty you waive your right to take a Driver Safety Course.

Changing Plea Before Trial:

Should you decide to change your plea prior to the scheduled trial date, a new plea form will be completed and the balance must be paid in full. You will not be allowed to take Driver Safety Course. 

Guilty at Trial:

If you are found guilty at trial (Bench or Jury), the fine and court costs assessed must be paid in full once you leave the court room unless the Judge grants other payment terms as part of the sentence. You will not be allowed to take Driver Safety or request a Deferred Disposition.


If you should need a continuance you must request your continuance in writing addressed to the Judge no later than 72 hours (3 business days) prior to your scheduled court date. We are not responsible for the U.S. Postal Service or Courier deliveries; therefore, it is the your responsibility to make sure your request is delivered timely. Any requests not delivered timely will not be granted.