Payment Options for Citations

Payment in Full
You may pay your citation in full at any time prior to your scheduled court hearing.  Payment can be made by any of the methods listed to the left.  The amount of fine to be paid is the "window fine" set by the Judge for the particular offense. 

If you appear before the Judge at your initial appearance hearing, you will be asked to enter your plea.  If you plea guilty or no contest, the Judge will set your fine and give you the opportunity to pay in full.  If you are unable to immediately pay in full, the Judge will discuss payment arrangements with you.

Payment Plans
The court offers two types of payment plans, a balance in 30 days plan and a time payment plan.  You will be required to fill out a payment plan application for either type of plan and the information you list in the application will be verified.

Balance in 30 Days
The balance in 30 days plan is used for defendants with a balance due of $200 or less.  You are required to pay 1/2 down and the balance within 30 days. If you have not paid by the end of the 30 days, then on day 31 a $25 State mandated time payment fee will be added to your balance. 

Time Payment Plans
Time payment plans are established for those defendants with a balance over $200 and those with multiple violations or citations.  The down payment and the monthly payments are established based on the total balance due.  The Judge has provided standing orders to the clerks that dictate how payment plans are set up.  A defendant who does not agree with the terms of the payment plan set by the clerk, must be set for a hearing before the Judge.  31 days after the conviction is entered, a $25 State mandated time payment fee will be added to the balance due for each violation.  This is a one time fee.

Alternate Sentence
If you feel that you are not financially able to pay your fine and fees, you may request an indigent packet.  By completing an indigent packet you are asserting that you are at a level of poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered and comforts of life are wholly lacking.  You will be given 10 days to fill out the packet and return it to the court with all required supporting documentation.  A hearing date will be set for you to appear before the Judge.  The Judge will make a determination at the hearing as to whether or not you will be considered indigent by this court.  After a determination is made, the Judge will consider if an alternate means of resolution is appropriate in your case.

Community Service
In some cases community service may be ordered in lieu of payment of the fines and fees.  If community service is ordered by the Judge, the defendant must comply with all terms and conditions as established by the court.