Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Municipal Court grant extensions on citations or tickets?
 Extensions are granted on citations or tickets in some circumstances. You must contact the court either by telephone or in person to find out if you qualify for an extension.

Q. How can I keep a ticket off of my driving record?
A. The court offers two methods to prevent a conviction from appearing on your driving record, a Driver’s Safety Course or a Deferral.  Click the links for more information.

Q. I don’t have all the money to pay my ticket, can I get a time payment plan?
A. Yes, the court offers two types of payment plan, a balance in 30 day plan and a longer term plan.  Click the link for more information.

Q. Does it cost extra if I take my case to trial?
A. It could.  The court does not charge any extra fees for a Bench Trial, which is a trial before the judge.  There is an additional $3.00 jury fee if you have a Jury Trial.  However, when you go to trial, either the judge or the jury can set the amount of your fine anywhere between the minimum and maximum fine allowed by law.

Q. Can I see the evidence against me?
A. Yes you can.  The court maintains the case file.  A defendant can request to see and obtain copies of all of the documents in the case file.  If your citation is for a traffic violation, there may be a video of the traffic stop.  A defendant can request a copy of the video from the Longview Police Department Records Section.

Q. The officer made a mistake on the citation.  Can I get it dismissed?
A. Generally, no.  The officer’s citation is not the charging instrument.  The complaint filed in the court after we receive the citation is the charging instrument.  An officer can amend a citation or complaint prior to the case going before the Judge.  Amendments to a citation are done by written affidavit.

Q. I didn’t have liability insurance when I received the citation. I got it that day. Can I get my citation dismissed since I now have insurance?
A. No, you cannot.  The law requires that you have insurance at the time the citation was issued.

Q. Why do I have surcharges from the State of Texas that were caused by a citation in this court?
A. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has a surcharge program for certain offenses.  The court is required to report the disposition of offenses to the State.  When the State receives notification of a conviction for an offense that triggers the surcharge program, then you are notified by the State and you must pay the surcharges.

Q. Can I pay my surcharges in person at the Longview Municipal Court?
A. No, you cannot.  You must follow the DPS requirements for paying your surcharges.

Q. Can I get a copy of my driving record at the Longview Municipal Court?
A. No, you cannot.  You must obtain a copy of your driving record from the DPS either online or by mail.  See their website for more information, or call 1-512-424-2003.

Q. Does the Municipal Court keep birth certificates?
 No.  Gregg County handles Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Licenses 903-758-6181.

Q. How do I file a case in Small Claims Court?
 Gregg County handles all small claims 903-758-6181.

Frequently Used Phone Numbers:
Longview Municipal Court Fax:  903-291-5302
Longview Police Department:  903-237-1199
Longview Police Department Accident Reports:  903-237-1130
Gregg County Court House:  903-758-6181
Gregg County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1:  903-236-8470
Gregg County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2:  903-237-2636
Gregg County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3:  903-845-2672
Gregg County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4:  903-758-6342
Texas Department of Public Safety (Longview):  903-758-1788
Texas Department of Public Safety Driving Records (Austin):  1-512-424-2003