Construction Advisory and Appeals Board

Nine members serve as an advisory body to City Council in matters pertaining to City construction codes.  This board also hears appeals regarding City officials’ decisions, grants variances for special conditions, and governs contractor licensing procedures.  Members must live in the City limits.

Meets As Needed - When required, meetings are held 11 a.m., second Wednesday of the month at the City Hall Council Chamber, 300 W. Cotton St., unless posted otherwise.

This board also has specific occupational requirements for some of its members.  Members of this board are not eligible to simultaneously serve on another City board or commission.

Agendas and Updates

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Current Members

  • Nathan McKinley (Commercial Builder)
  • Bryce Bagby (At Large)
  • Steve Capps (Architect)
  • Barry Lansford (Electrician)
  • Bruce Gillory (Plumber)
  • Jeff Burns (Mechanical)
  • Michael Gentsch, Chair (Civil Engineer)
  • Dustin Sullivan (Home Builder)
  • Manuel Alaniz (At Large)

Staff Liaison: Todd Keebaugh, 903-239-5509
Council Liaison: Michelle Gamboa, District 5