Yard Waste Service

We see a lot of yard waste here in East Texas. In order to divert as much as we can from the landfill we ask that all yard waste be in paper bags or loose in personal containers marked “Yard Waste.” These leaves, needles, brush and twigs will be taken to the Compost Site to be turned into mulch and compost. Mulch and compost are available to Sanitation customers for free. Please check with the Compost Site for availability.

For larger yard waste, the City offers a Bulky Item Service, which must be scheduled for pick-up by calling 903-237-1250 or using the CitySend app. 

Alternatively, yard waste may also be taken to the City of Longview Compost Site

Yard Waste Reminder to Use Paper Bags


  • This is a new service to collect yard waste separately from garbage.
  • Yard Waste Services is for the collection of leaves, pine needles, bundled brush, and grass clippings.
  • Yard waste will be collected weekly.
  • The City of Longview will not collect yard waste in plastic bags.
  • Yard waste must be in paper yard waste bags or personal containers marked "Yard Waste". (Starting Oct. 1, 2016)
  • Small bundles of brush are acceptable.
  • Yard waste is limited to 8 cubic yards per customer per week.
  • Please keep yard waste bags, containers and bundles at least 4 (four) feet from your garbage and recycling carts.
  • Paper Yard Waste Bags will be available at local retailers before October 1.
8 Cubic Yards