J.R. Curtis, Jr. Garden for the Blind

The goal of the J.R. Curtis, Jr. Memorial Garden for the Blind was to create a space in which learning and recreation came together to form a healing environment. The concept of a healing environment is based on the understanding that there is a medical connection between mind, body, and soul. Healing gardens are intended to provide an ordered place where its occupants will experience a sense of well­-being and wonder that will alter their mood.

The garden evokes rhythms that energize the body, inform the spirit, and enhance the recuperative powers inherent in a weak body or mind. Other positives that have resulted from the garden are listed below.

  • Boost community awareness for people with disabilities
  • Give hands on learning environment to those who need it most
  • Increase knowledge of the healing properties of plants
  • Create an environmentally friendly garden
  • Find perfection in yourself through helping others.
The Garden surrounds a beautiful pond with a perpetual fountain, ADA sidewalks, gazebo, wooden walk bridge, and a butterfly garden. The Master Plan for the Garden for the Blind contained the following elements:


  • Taste -­ herbs, fruits, and flowers
  • Smell -­ gardenias, herbs, flowers
  • Touch -­ leaves, flowers, fruits, and water
  • Hear -­ water, birds, and chimes

Raised Beds:

  • Plants easily accessible to wheelchairs and other guests
  • Beds can be planted easier
  • Gives trees added height for shade
  • Bed walls can be used as support, seating, leaning and guiding

Water Features:

  • Rocky Creek
  • Geyser fountains in pond
  • Interactive fountain


  • Statuary with different materials (Wood ­ St. Francis, Stone ­ Angels, Metal ­ Abstract)
  • Wind Chimes
  • Benches
  • Bird baths, feeders, and houses