Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test asks the applicant to perform tasks an officer may face while on patrol. The physical ability test is pass/fail and must be completed in 47.31 seconds

Patrol Car:

The applicant will sit in the driver’s seat in a patrol car with the seat belt fastened. The applicant will be instructed to close all doors, open the driver’s window and await further instructions.

Physical Description:

A test monitor will give the applicant verbal instructions to pursue a fleeing felony suspect by providing a description of what the suspect is wearing.
The test monitor will inform the applicant to “BEGIN” as soon as they are ready. At this time, the applicant will begin the test.


The applicant will get out of the car and begin the run, which is a total of approximately 140 yards. The stopwatch will be engaged once the applicant exits the police vehicle and both feet hit the ground.

Fence Climb:

At a point approximately 72 feet from the patrol vehicle, the applicant will encounter and climb over a 6 foot high chain link fence. The applicant must climb over the fence and will not be permitted to go around the fence.

Run to Cone:

From the fence, you will run approximately 65 feet and touch the cone.

Run to Cone:

From the first cone, you will turn left and run approximately 40 feet to the second cone and touch the cone.

Crawl Under Table:

At a point approximately 98 feet from the second cone, the applicant will encounter a standard-sized office table. The applicant must crawl under the table.

Run to Cone:

The applicant will then run approximately 37 feet and touch the next cone which is positioned on the running track and touch the cone.

4 foot Fence Climb:

At a point approximately 85 feet from the last cone, the applicant will encounter and climb over a 4 foot fence. YOU MUST SUPPORT A PORTION OF YOUR WEIGHT WHILE CLIMBING OVER THE FENCE.

Suspect Identification:

After climbing over the wall the applicant will encounter three numbered mannequins, each dressed differently. The applicant will call out the number of the mannequin bearing the suspect clothing description that was given to them by the Test Monitor at the beginning of the test.

Suspect Move:

Approximately 18 feet from the fence, the applicant will encounter a dummy weighing approximately 160 pounds. The applicant will grab the dummy by the handles and drag the dummy five feet to a pre-positioned line. When the entire dummy crosses over the line, the time will stop.

Required Time:

The course must be successfully completed in 47.31 seconds.