County Organized Drug Enforcement Unit

The County Organized Drug Enforcement Unit, otherwise known as CODE, is a cooperative enforcement unit staffed by investigators from participating police agencies in Gregg County. The CODE Unit conducts proactive narcotics investigations and responds to complaints of drug activity by citizens of Gregg County.

What to do if you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood

If you observe what you believe to be narcotics activity occurring in your neighborhood, please note:
  • Exactly where it is occurring
  • The time it is occurring
  • The names or descriptions of those involved
  • Descriptions of who is coming by to purchase the narcotics
  • What type of drugs do you believe they are selling
  • Then contact the CODE Unit at 903-759-9411 or Gregg County Crime Stoppers at 903-236-STOP. 
  • All tips about drug dealers or other information will be kept strictly confidential.

What parents should know about drugs

Illegal drugs can affect your child in any community in the United States. There is no "safe haven" from drugs, since it is an epidemic that crosses all socio-economic and educational lines. All parents should be informed about what drugs are in the community, what kids are talking about, peer pressure, signs of drug usage and how to talk to your children about drugs.

Please visit the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for more information.

Don't be a victim, get involved! Know your neighbors. Form a neighborhood crime watch and fight back against drug dealers. Contact the Longview Police Department PAR Unit to get started.