PAR Supervisor

Sergeant Donald "Chip" Koepke

Donald Chip Koepke

Sergeant Donald "Chip" Koepke joined the Longview Police Department in January of 2007.  Prior to joining the Longview Police Department Sergeant Koepke worked for the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in Florida from 1995 to 2007.  Sergeant Koepke earned an AAS Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Kilgore College in 2015.  He holds a master Peace Officer License from TCOLE, is a TCOLE Instructor and has been involved in the Field Training Program for the majority of his career.  Sergeant Koepke is an Emergency Vehicle Operations instructor for the department and for the Longview Police Academy.  During his career he has served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Detective (FL) and on a Gang Enforcement Unit (FL).  He was promoted to Sergeant at Longview Police Department in 2011 and has worked as a supervisor on all three shifts as a district Sergeant as well as a Field Training Sergeant.  Sergeant Koepke is a member of the Texas Crime Prevention Association and serves on the Board of Directors for Keep Longview Beautiful.

As the Community Outreach Sergeant he supervises the Police Area Representatives (PAR) and the Police Outreach Services Team (POST).   PAR Officers are a highly trained team of officers that serve as a link between the community and the Police Department.  The PAR Unit manages many programs with the goal of enhancing the community's quality of life, crime prevention and education.  

The POST Unit was created from one of the recommendations of the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness in 2017.  The team's goal is to reduce homeless related complaints by offering available services to the homeless population.  The team assists the homeless with connecting with a variety of services ranging from non-profit programs, local businesses, job applications, shelters, mental health services and drug and alcohol programs.  

You can contact Sergeant Koepke at 903-424-9417.