PAR Beat 50 and 60

Officer LaDarian BrownOfficer LaDarian Brown joined the Longview Police Department in 2013 and served in patrol for six years prior to being chosen as a Police Area Representative. Officer Brown was born and raised in Longview, Texas. He graduated from Longview High School and attended Kilgore College prior to joining Longview Police Department.

While in high school Officer Brown was an active member of the Longview PD Explorer program. Officer Brown began his law enforcement career as jailer for the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Maxey Cerliano.

Officer Brown is the department’s liaison with the community in the Beat 50 area. His duties include the implementation of neighborhood improvement projects including Neighborhood Crime Watch and nuisance abatement. Officer Brown is responsible for supporting and aiding Beat supervisors within the Beat and administering the department’s crime prevention programs, while maintaining a partnership with other community organizations and agencies. Officer Brown promotes crime prevention by developing programs in support of the department’s objectives that addresses the community’s needs.

Beat 50 and 60 Police Area Representative Office

1406 E. Birdsong St.,

903-239-5533 (office)
903-431-1307 (cell)

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