School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit

The Longview Police Department's School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit is a Specialty Unit that operates under the Operations Support Bureau. The Unit is composed of one sergeant, Mark Alford, who supervises the daily operations of the unit, and six officers.

Officers are currently assigned to campuses within the Longview, Pine Tree and Spring Hill School Districts. School resource officers are assigned to:
  • Longview High School - Officer Craig Martin
  • Forest Park Magnet School of Global Studies - Officer Jose Montalvo
  • Foster Middle School - Officer Robert Brian
  • Pine Tree High School - Officer Chris Bethard
  • Pine Tree Junior High School - Officer Josh Marrs
  • Spring Hill High School - Officer Roger Askew
The goals of school resource officers are:
  • To bridge the gap between police officers and young people and increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement
  • Teach the value of the legal system
  • Promote respect for people and property
  • Reduce juvenile crime by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, authority and justice
  • To take a personal interest in students and their activities
  • To allow students access to the legal system
  • Teach students how to avoid becoming a victim through self awareness and crime prevention

SRO Supervisor

Sergeant Mark Alford began his career with the Longview Police Department on March 26, 1990. Sgt. Alford was already a certified officer and began his patrol shift immediately upon being sworn in. Sgt. Alford worked on the evening shift, transferred to the night shift. Following assignments on each shift he was transferred to the 4th Shift. That shift worked 10 hour shifts, four days a week. Sgt. Alford liked working this shift because it was a zero tolerance assignment that concentrated it's patrol efforts to high crime areas. Following that assignment he transferred to the property crimes division of the Criminal Investigations Bureau in April, 1993. During his tenure as a Detective he assisted the Physical Evidence Specialists on major crime scenes for over 7 years. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in January, 2009. Since being promoted to Sergeant he has worked on both the 2nd and 3rd watches, during which time he served as the Administrative Sergeant during a portion of that time on patrol. In July, 2013 Sgt. Alford was chosen to serve in the Office of Professional Standards (Internal Affairs) until he was chosen to supervise the SRO Unit in March, 2015.

Sgt. Alford was named Officer of the Year in 1991.

*Please feel free to contact the School Resource Officer assigned to your school if you have specific questions related to a that campus.