Special Investigations and Apprehension Unit

The Longview Police Departments Special Investigations and Apprehension Unit (SIA)  is a specialized unit attached to the Special Operations Division. This unit is primarily focused on the apprehension of wanted Felony Fugitives and assisting with special projects. Officers in this unit work closely with Local, State, and Federal Agencies to complete their objectives. The overall goal of this unit is to reduce crime and to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Longview.

The SIA Unit actively solicits and encourages community involvement to assist in reducing criminal activities in Longview. Citizens are encouraged to contact the SIA Unit regarding the location of known wanted Felons or other illegal activity. If you know where a known wanted Felon is hiding or where illegal activity is taking place, please contact the SIA Unit through this website or call the Gregg County Crime Stoppers to leave an anonymous tip.

Sgt. Kerry Higginbotham currently supervises the SIA Unit.