Police Volunteers

Many of the law enforcement programs of the Longview Police Department rely upon volunteers in order to meet specific goals and objectives. Volunteers assist in various capacities within the department, some of which include the following: 
  • Pawn Ticket Entry
  • Statistical Data Processing
  • Training Assistance
These volunteers donate their time and energy to help the Longview Police Department ensure the safety of our community. Here are just a few examples of the work done by volunteers. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Longview Police Department utilizes six volunteers to enter various types of computerized data and oversee the storage of pawn receipts and fingerprint cards. The service of our volunteers is most beneficial to the property crime detectives, in that their work leads to the recovery of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property each year. Volunteers enter pawn transaction information into our reporting system so that the items can be compared against property reported as stolen; this entails every pawn transaction that occurs within the city as reported to LPD. Volunteers also assist with the maintenance of the hard-copy fingerprint cards of persons arrested by our agency. This provides LPD Physical Evidence Specialists with an easily accessible catalog of fingerprints by which they can make manual comparisons to known suspects. 

Recently Don Olson was honored as having donated over 8,000 hours to the Police Department when he "retired" from his volunteer work here.