Blue Santa

All children deserve to smile on Christmas day. Christmas is one time during the year where the focus is on giving, with emphasis on the excitement in the child's eye as he or she unwraps a present that has been specially chosen just for them.

Why Blue Santa?

It has been said, "No one calls 9-1-1 to tell police that all is well with their lives." In the course of a police officers’ routine work we often encounter children in circumstances and environments that are heartbreaking. Many of the children that police interact with only know Christmas as nothing more than a school holiday. Many of these kids are in single parent homes or family environments that are unstable. Many families must choose between gifts and basic utility needs or food, leaving little resources for presents at Christmas time for their children. Regardless of the whys, all children deserve presents at Christmas.

Who gets help?

Families will be assisted ONLY on the recommendation of a Longview police officer.  These children will be identified through the officer's interaction with children in schools, recreation centers, parks, calls for assistance, and neighborhoods throughout the year. There is no public application to be filled out.  Officers may also receive recommendations from outside sources, such as churches, school counselors, and social workers, as well, based on program participation and available funds.  When a family is chosen they will be given an application by the Officer and it will be up to that family to fill out the necessary paperwork and turn it back in. 

How you can help?

We need your tax deductible monetary assistance. This might be cash, check, gift cards, or
other in-kind contributions that we can turn into a tangible gift for a child, or a new, unwrapped toy. We encourage donors to think about their gifts and choose age appropriate or toys that don't promote violence or illegal activities.  It is the goal of the Blue Santa Committee to average three toys per child. Checks can be made out to Blue Santa Project. All Blue Santa donations can be dropped off at the Longview Police Department.  For more information on the Blue Santa program contact us by sending your questions to the email on the right side of the page.