Chaplain Program

The Police Chaplains Unit consists of local clergy volunteering their services to the community and our department. The duties of a police chaplain may include:
  • Spiritual support of citizens involved in or impacted by violent crime and/or serious accidents or incidents involving the police
  • Assisting the police in death notifications
  • Assisting the community in severe disturbances or disasters
  • Assisting the police in suicide or attempted suicide calls, hostage situations, etc.
  • Spiritually supporting employees involved in or impacted by violent incidents or accidents
  • Supporting employees with on-going spiritual guidance, personal consultations, and/or crisis counseling

To become a member of the Police Chaplains Unit, a person must be a fully ordained or
licensed minister of a recognized church or denomination in the Longview area. All candidates must undergo a background check before selection. The person must participate in training including radio procedures, basic defensive tactics, weapons familiarization (not usage), local geography, first aid and CPR, and familiarization with basic police functions and activities.  For more information on our chaplain program contact us by clicking on the email on the right side of the page.