Citizen Survey

The Longview Police Department (LPD) contracted with the University of North Texas (UNT) for the development, distribution, and analysis of a citizen survey. The survey was designed to measure the level of perceived severity of crime problems in Longview, citizen satisfaction with the LPD, fear of crime of residents, and awareness of police programs. A probability sample stratified by beat with probability of selection proportionate to size of the beat population was used in this study. This sampling protocol gave Longview residents an equal and known probability of selection. A sample size of 3,500 was selected for this study. LPD personnel, in consultation with the UNT research team, randomly selected the addresses from a list of all residential addresses in the City of Longview. The UNT research team received 416 completed surveys for a response rate of 11.91%. General citizen surveys typically achieve a response rate between 10-15%. Therefore, the response rate achieved in this study is within the parameters established by other citizen surveys. The research project was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of North Texas ensuring the protection of human subjects.