Annual Contact Report - Racial Profiling

Since 2001, when the Texas Legislature enacted the Texas Racial Profiling Law, the Longview Police Department has collected and reported motor vehicle stop related contact data for the purpose of identifying and addressing (if necessary) areas of concern regarding racial profiling practices. Annual traffic-related contact data reports are listed below.

The Longview Police Department does not tolerate the practice of racial profiling by its officers. Racial profiling is the practice of detaining an individual and conducting an inquiry into that person’s activities simply because of the individual’s race, ethnicity or national origin. This is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, officers are not allowed to consider these factors in deciding when and against whom to take enforcement action. As part of its commitment to unbiased policing, the department also forbids its officers to consider a person’s religion, age, and gender when making these decisions. If anyone believes that an officer inappropriately considered their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, or gender in making a detention or enforcement decision, they are encouraged to file a complaint.

The Texas Racial Profiling Law requires that police agencies provide information to the public regarding the manner in which to file a racial profiling complaint. In an effort to comply with this particular component, the Longview Police Department launched an educational campaign aimed at informing the public on issues relevant to the racial profiling complaint