Story Times



Babygarten Story Time

Suggested for children ages 0-2.
We welcome parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers to come sing songs, and popular nursery rhymes, together! A simple story geared towards the children's age group will be read aloud. Physical interaction is extremely important in the early stages of child development, and this story time not only encourages adult/child interaction, but also builds the healthy habit of reading aloud to your child. Due to the short attention spans of this young age group, this story time will last about 20 minutes, with time for caregivers to socialize together afterwards while children play with toys that are provided.
Story time begins promptly every 
Tuesday at 10:30 AM!

Please note that during summer this program takes a temporary break mid-May, and returns in June/July for our Summer Reading Club. You can catch Story Time every Tuesday during SRC.
English at 10:30 AM.
Spanish at 11:30 AM.

Babygarten will return it's regularly scheduled format in the Fall (usually September)

Early Learning Journeys

Early Learning Journeys Story Time

Suggested for children ages 3-5.
Young children will enjoy singing along and interacting with Library staff while building their educational foundation! Story time opens with a time of singing beloved childhood songs and nursery rhymes, followed by a newly-published book being read aloud. Children will then enjoy activities and crafts geared towards helping them to imagine, create, and grow! This story time lasts about 30 minutes.
Story time begins promptly every 
Wednesday at 10:30 AM! 

Please note that Early Learning Journeys Story Time will take a temporary break in summer (usually mid-May through August) while we hold our Summer Reading Club. There are scheduled story time offerings every Tuesday during SRC. One for English at 10:30 AM, and one for Spanish at 11:30 AM. And if you're looking for crafts, be sure to catch Crafty Kids every Friday from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM during SRC.
Look for Early Learning Journeys to return in Fall (usually September). 

Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids Story Time

After a long day at school, Discovery Kids is a time for children of all ages at the Broughton Recreation Center to gather around and hear a newly-published, popular chapter book read aloud while enjoying a small after-school snack. Afterward, time is set aside for the children to share their various thoughts and ideas regarding the book.
The time frame for the this story time is about 20 minutes every 
Wednesday at 4:00 PM! 

Please note that this program takes a temporary break during summer (usually mid-May through August) while we hold our Summer Reading Club! Please be sure to catch those great programs/events, and look for this one to return during Fall season (usually in September). 

For more information about Story Times, please contact the Children's Department at (903) 237-1345!