Summer Reading Club

A cartoon lion roars: Tales, Tails and St-ROAR-ies! Register online or in person for SRC!

What is Summer Reading Club?

No one wants to experience a "summer slide" in their reading skills.
With Summer Reading Club, you can have fun and encourage kids to learn and grow while on break!
We incorporate daily educational and entertaining activities for kids that keep them engaged with learning, and offer prize opportunities for completion of weekly reading goals and activities!

Last year we had over 600 signups and participants!
And, the Longview Public Library offered it's first ever, virtual summer reading club for 2020!

When we had to switch things up a bit to move towards virtual/digital, it was a heavy blow to us that we couldn’t have everyone in here for programs and events like we normally do during summer.
But, with some trial and success, we’re happy with the results and we are ready to incorporate what we’ve learned into future events!

SRC will include hybrid events this year. Some offered online, and a few offered in person at the Longview Arboretum amphitheater, where we can watch performers outside, at a proper social distance!

This year's theme for SRC is "Tails, Tales, and St-ROAR-ies!"
Embrace your inner animal and go wild with your reading goals! Celebrate the occasion with animal and pet stories, and attend some of our animal themed events!
Our patron participation is always a huge part of SRC’s success, so we hope to see everyone at the library!


• Kids ages 0 -18 are eligible to sign up for SRC.

• Pre-registration starts May 1, the last day to register for full SRC participation and prize opportunities is June 6.

• You do not have to have a library card to participate in SRC, but it is encouraged to get one so you can check out books to complete the weekly reading goals! Learn how to get a library card under the "My Account" tab in the upper menu.

• Instead of a normal Kick-off Party like we usually have, we'll be doing Registration Kick-Off all throughout May and the first week of June. Swing by the Youth Services desk to get registered (or after registering online) and collect a FREE "Welcome to SRC" gift bag with some goodies to get you into the summer mood!
• The last official day to register for SRC is July 13.


Registration can be done online by signing up with Beanstack. When using Beanstack, caregivers can keep a log of all their children's reading goals and activities, earn badges upon completion, and redeem prizes at the Youth Services desk. It takes a few moments and asks for basic info like name, email, and age of the child, etc.

Follow the link provided below and answer the walkthrough questions.
If you have used Beanstack already for previous Summer Reading Clubs, then you'll need to remember what email you used, and what password was set up. If you don't recall your password and need to reset it, please visit the Youth Services Desk.

undefined Opens in new windowBeanstack Opens in new window


If you need assistance in getting signed up for Summer Reading Club, visit the Youth Services desk and staff will be happy to help!

You can also pick up a paper log to keep up with your children's goals.
Please keep up with your paper log! You'll need to bring it with you each time you want to redeem prizes!

Schedule of Events

The first week of events starts on June 7! We have daily, FREE activities planned for each day!

Monday: Music & Movement Featuring the Longview Symphony, at 10:30 AM via FB Premiere.

Tuesday: Story Time at the Longview Arboretum Amphitheater, 10:30 AM.
Please park at the Longview Convention Complex (Maude Cobb) and use the west gate entrance of the arboretum.
*In the event of rain, program will move to virtual premiere via our FB Channel, 2:00 PM.

Wednesday: Performer Day at the Longview Arboretum Amphitheater, 10:30 AM.
Please park at the Longview Convention Complex (Maude Cobb) and use the west gate entrance of the arboretum.
*In the event of rain, program will move to virtual premiere via our FB Channel, 2:00 PM

Thursday: Crafty Kids To-go, a different craft kit will be offered each week, FREE, for all ages.
Pickup at the front desk during business hours, or via Curbside Library Pickup, Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Friday - Game Day. Super Smash Bros. Tournament will be held for ages 8+ in the Moeschle Room of the Library. Board games and card games will be placed in the Reference table areas for all kids to play with.

Saturday : LEGO From Home Challenge, a new build theme will be introduced each week. Watch our Facebook Premiere at 10:30 AM to hear Mrs. Mackenzie announce the theme. Kids will have until 5:00 PM to build whatever their imaginations can think of!
Parents/guardians, please post a picture of your child's creation to the comments section.
Include child's name and a title for their work.
A winner from three different age groups will be selected and they will win a prize: A LEGO Set!

Get a printable calendar of events with the following links:

JUNE                                                                             JULY
Shrunken version of our June 2021 Summer Reading Club Calendar. Opens in new windowShrunken version of our July 2021 Summer Reading Club Calendar. Opens in new window

Tutorials and Helpful Resources

Visit our Facebook and Instagram (@longviewpubliclibrary) for full galleries of our Summer Reading Club events!