Hinsley Park Info

“For or Against removing the “park” designation from Hinsley Park, thus authorizing the sale of said land or its use for other purposes.”

If voters approve:  
Council would be authorized to consider moving forward with sale of property. 
If voters reject:  Property would maintain park designation and remain city property. 

Proposition Timeline:

  • August 13: City Council called special election for November 3 to allow voters to decide whether to remove the park designation, thus authorizing the sale of said land or its use for other purposes.
  • September 29: Special Called City Council meeting including Public Hearing and discussion of redevelopment proposal. Meeting will take place at City Hall, 300 W. Cotton St.
  • November 3: Election

About the park:
Hinsley Park, located in northeast Longview at the intersection of Hawkins Parkway and U.S. 259, is an approximately 38-acre park with four adult softball fields, an 18-hole disc golf course, playground, and basketball court. Hinsley Park was originally deeded to the City of Longview in 1973. The deed states that if the City were to cease to use the property as a park, the previous owner would have the right to repurchase the property for $49,450.