Hoopla is a revolutionary digital collection of movies, TV shows, eBooks, eAudiobooks, music albums, comic books, and more with no waiting, no holds, and no late fees. All you’ll need is your valid Library Card number, the password/PIN number for your Library Card, and a valid e-mail address to create your free account! Click the picture above to get started! 

To Create An Account:
Go to hoopladigital.com and click “Sign In” in order to create an account or sign in.

Sign up with your e-mail address, your Library Card number, and your Library Card password/PIN number.
Choose Longview Public Library from the list.

Using Hoopla On Mobile Devices:
To stream or download on a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the FREE hoopla Digital app (various links are below, and are also available at hoopladigital.com). The app will lead you through the simple signup process to create your free account (you will need your valid Library Card number and an e-mail address). 

Android app (Android 4 or higher)

Google Play

Apple app (iOS6 or higher)
App Store

Kindle Fire

(7" and 8.9" Kindle Fire HDX, and 2015 model Kindle Fire HD tablets)

Kindle Fire

Using Hoopla On Computers/Laptops:

On a computer, hoopla is available for streaming only and requires an Internet connection. If you are having trouble watching movies on your computer or laptop, you may need to download and install the Widevine video player plug-in. If this is required, your computer should automatically re-direct or prompt you to install the video player.

Checkout Limits:

Customers are currently limited to 5 items per month.
Movies/TV shows checkout for 3 days.
Music checks out for 1 week.
eBooks/eAudiobooks/comic books checkout for 3 weeks.

- Returning titles early does not give you additional titles to borrow for that month.

- Titles can only be downloaded twice in a borrowing period.
- Mobile app downloads are playable only in the hoopla mobile app, and are subject to the available storage space of your device. - - Not all titles are available for download, but all titles are available for streaming.

Hoopla Kids Mode:
Kids Mode makes discoverability of children's content easier for parents and kids. While in Kids Mode, all content shown will be suitable for children up to age 12! To activate Kids Mode, simply go into your hoopla Settings. 


Hoopla Help:
- For FAQs and the Widevine link (a free download from Google), check out hoopla's support page.

- Watch informational videos on hoopla’s YouTube page.
- Here is a link to hoopla’s patron user manual
- You may also contact Elissa Breitenstein at (903) 237-1351 or (903) 237-1288 or email her at ebreitenstein@longviewtexas.gov for additional help.