Tips for Finding Lost Pets

It is your responsibility to be diligent in finding your pet!
We highly recommend you:
  • Check this website everyday
  • Come into the shelter and look through our “Strays in the Shelter Book”. Pictures, descriptions and names may not match your pet exactly; stray pets with no identification are assigned temporary names upon intake.
  • Come into the shelter and look through our “Found Pets not at the shelter book” These pets are NOT in the shelter and will not be on our website. This book contains descriptions and sometimes photos of animals who have been found by members of the public who are keeping these animals in their homes while they look for the owner.
  • Check with local veterinarians, other rescue groups in your area, put up signs in your neighborhood.
  • The Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center provides lost and found reports for public viewing only at the shelter. The shelter is not liable for information contained herein or for disposition of animals that are not claimed by their owners in person within 72 hours. The shelter staff will contact owners of animals wearing traceable identification.