Mobile Food Units

Mobile Food Units, often known as food trucks, are welcome inside the city limits and are required to meet regulations established by city ordinance.  

What is a mobile food unit?
A mobile food unit is defined as a commercially-manufactured, towed trailer, or motorized self-contained food service operation designed to be readily movable in which ready-to-eat food is cooked, wrapped, packaged, processed, or portioned for service, sale, or distribution. Mobile units must completely retain their mobility at all times. 

Where can I find food trucks / mobile food units in Longview? 
The Environmental Health Division maintains a list of all permitted food establishments, including food trucks, which is available upon request. In addition, the Longview Convention and Visitors Bureau's website has a list of restaurants and food trucks in Longview. 

What if I want to open a mobile food unit in Longview?
Mobile food units must be permitted by the City of Longview Environmental Health Division. Please see the Information About Becoming a Mobile Food Unit page. 

How can I have a mobile food unit at my special event? 
If you are interested in having a mobile food unit at your special event, please contact the Environmental Health Department for a list of permitted mobile food vendors. Depending on the type and scope of the event, a special event permit from the City of Longview may be required. A park permit is required if the event is located in a city park, see below.

How can I have food trucks at my special event in a city park?  
Food trucks are allowed to operate within some city parks; however, there are limitations. If you are planning a special event in a city park, a special event permit is required from the City of Longview Parks and Recreation Department. If food vendors will be part of your event in the park, the food vendors must also be permitted by the City of Longview Environmental Health Division.