Information About Becoming a Mobile Food Unit

Mobile Food Units are welcome to operate inside Longview's city limits, however there are regulations that need to be followed. Below are just some of those regulations.

  • All units are required to work with a central preparation facility / commissary within the city limits of Longview.  They must report a minimum once daily for supplies, cleaning and servicing.
  • Daily vending itineraries, agreements for property and restroom access must be on file with environmental health.

  • Units must meet the Longview Fire Department requirements governing LPG, electrical, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, etc.

  • Units must be located on approved surface per existing zoning ordinance, no vending on grass or dirt.  They can’t obstruct traffic, fire lanes, drive aisles or impair visibility.

  • Mobile Food Units are required to have property owners permission.

List of Ordinances Concerning Mobile Food Units

If you are interested in operating a Mobile Food Unit, you can contact the Environmental Health Department's Food Service Division.

Downloadable Guidelines and Forms