Rodeo Pavilion

The Rodeo Pavilion is the newest addition to the Longview Convention Complex and is the perfect venue for your small event that has the benefit of a covered roof, while being able to capture that great outdoor feeling with seven (7) large garage doors that can be left open or closed - you choose. The Rodeo Pavilion has sealed concrete floors, is 2,400 square feet, and is equipped with a LARGE industrial size ceiling fan and restroom facilities nearby. Tables and chairs are available for rent.

Rodeo Pavilion Layout

Class I - Regular Rates

Time  Rate  
Full Day$300 / Day

Class II - Tax Exempt Rates (33% off of the Class I rates)

*If a move-in / out, rehearsal time, or setup day is required, then a minimum fee of one-half of the daily rates specified above shall be charger for such use, if such use is limited to 8 hours of less.

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