Go-Giver Funds

Inspired by "The Go-Giver" authors Bob Burg and John David Mann,  Mayor Andy Mack established a Go-Giver Fund as a way to encourage the community to contribute towards important causes in Longview.  Below is some information about the recent and current efforts underway. 

Bring Back Teague and Highway 80 Revitalization

Status: Ongoing

The focus of the 2019 and 2020 Go-Giver Gala are on Highway 80, which is an important corridor that runs right through the center of Longview. Many businesses continue to reinvestment in our community on Highway 80 and are truly iconic members of the community. Unfortunately, many other properties have seen much better days and have fallen into disrepair or abandoned. As a community, we need to make the most of the 15,000 – 30,000 cars per day travelling that road. 

With that in mind, imagine for a moment, Teague Park with a beautified entrance onto Highway 80. Teague Park is a wonderful hidden gem in our community that can’t be seen from the roadway. The park has recently received an upgraded playground, restroom, and the veterans group has created a beautiful veterans plaza. Let’s imagine the park’s surroundings taking the next step with open sight lines to the park and revitalized properties throughout the area. 

Homelessness Initiatives

Status: Ongoing

In 2018, the Mayor hosted the first Annual Go-Giver Gala to help fund recommendations from the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness. Through generous donations and community support, donations were made to help fund a Homeless Resource Day and the first year cost of two Police Outreach Service Team officers focused on homeless issues. 

Accessible Swings at Longview Parks 
Status: Ongoing

Wheelchair Swing Girl
We have many wonderful parks in Longview and Mayor Andy Mack would like to see ALL of our children have the opportunity to enjoy the parks – even those in wheelchairs. Would you be willing to support an endeavor to equip some parks in Longview with accessible swings for children in wheelchairs to enjoy?

Every person deserves the opportunity to have fun. In the past, the community has contributed to the AMBUCS Too Neal McCoy Universally Accessible Playground at Spring Hill Park as well providing the accessible playground equipment at Rotary Ambucs Park. Let’s extend that opportunity to more parks in Longview so that more children can enjoy our parks.

 “We have such a kind, caring, giving community, and these children deserve swings to play in at a park. For those of us who have never experienced not being able to access something, be thankful. I’m asking you as the citizens of Longview to donate towards this important effort that will bring smiles to kids’ faces. I think we are going to see an outpouring of support because this is the right thing to do.” – Mayor Mack

Wheelchair Swing InstallThe wheelchair accessible swings are in the process of being added to area parks.  The first swing is ready at Stamper Park.  Another one is under construction and will be available very soon at the Rotary / Ambucs Park.  Future locations will be announced as they are completed.

Donations of various sizes are appreciated. Project costs will vary based on installation and accessibility infrastructure needs at the various parks. Swing site selection will be determined by the Longview Parks and Recreation Department in consultation with the Mayor based on availability of funds as well as logistical considerations such as accessibility and infrastructure.

Police Body Cameras


A generous Longview resident has pledged to provide funds for the Longview Police Department to acquire body cameras for officers. The Longview Police Department received a grant through the state, and the donor's gift will be utilized as the City's local match for the grant. Thank you very much to the resident for being a Go-Giver!

How to Contribute

For more information about how to contribute towards any of these efforts, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 903-237-1021. To make a contribution towards any of these efforts, checks payable to the address below. Please specify which project you are supporting. 

City of Longview
Go Giver Fund - PROJECT NAME
P.O. Box 1952
Longview, TX 75606