Haunted Library

Thank you!

THANK YOU for making Haunted Library 2016 a success! 

We just want to say THANK YOU for making the Haunted Library a success this year! We had over 2,400 people come through our event over the weekend, which is more than double last year's attendance. That's simply amazing, and more than we could have hoped for! Thank you so much for taking time out of your weekend to come see us. We know the line was incredibly long, and your patience was very much appreciated! Our delight at the Haunted Library’s overwhelming success is mixed with sadness over having to turn some patrons away at the end of it. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to keep it open past 9:00 PM. We hated having to turn anyone away, and we deeply apologize if you were unable to make it through. We'll be working harder than ever to adjust next year's event to better accommodate the drastically increased traffic. We'd like to thank our many amazing volunteers, without whom we could never pull off an event of this magnitude. We'd also like to thank the members of the Longview Police Department and the Longview Fire Department who kept everyone at our event safe this weekend, and the Longview News-Journal and the City of Longview Media Team for helping us spread the word. Finally, thank you to the very exhausted members of our Library team who meticulously planned, built, painted, sculpted, sweated, toiled, and gave so many of their nights and weekends to make the Haunted Library such a quality event for our community. Here's to an even bigger and better event next year!

What is the Haunted Library?

For two nights each year, the Library gets transformed into the Haunted Library - a haunted house that is free to the public! The next event will be on October 20th and 21st, 2017. Come experience the scares of one of Longview's most well-attended free events! 

Volunteering at the Haunted Library

We're looking for volunteers for the Haunted Library! This event draws very large crowds, and we need lots of volunteers (300+) to make it the best it can be. If you'd like to be a part of one of our community's most exciting annual attractions, this is your chance! We need help with set up and tear down, prop building, advertising, makeup, and most of all, scaring our patrons at the actual event! We have many different areas planned this year, and it's our volunteers that make this event such a hit! You MUST be signed up as a volunteer prior to the event in order to participate. Anyone who shows up in costume and is not on our volunteer list will NOT be allowed to volunteer. If you're interested in volunteering for the Haunted Library, or would just like more information, please contact Taylor at (903) 237-1346 or tharding@longviewtexas.gov. 

Safety Rules

The following rules are for the safety of Library staff, volunteers, and patrons, and will be strictly enforced. Anyone caught in violation of these rules will be escorted out of the Haunted Library.  
- No running or pushing.
- No strollers.
- No photos or videos. 
- No touching actors or props. We won't touch you, so please do not touch us!
- No entering more than twice. Each patron may go through the Haunted Library up to 2 times each night. 
- No feeding the rattlesnakes. 
- No wimping out.
- No projectile vomiting.
- No sunny dispositions.
- No loose appendages.
- No lightsabers or flamethrowers.  
- No pet cockroaches.
- No Patronus Charms.
- No flirting with Agatha. 

** All patrons enter the Haunted Library at their own risk! **

Bringing Children

The Haunted Library is a full-fledged haunted house, complete with fake blood, various frights, and high-impact scares; therefore, it is recommended for patrons ages 10+. While our Haunted Library is by no means extreme, it will most definitely be very creepy, and there will be lots of loud noises, scares, and potentially frightening props/costumed people. We strongly advise parents to use caution and discernment when deciding whether or not to bring children to the Haunted Library. If you decide to bring your children and they are too scared to enter the Haunted Library, please be respectful of other patrons and do not force them to participate in our event.  

Physical Demands 

Patrons can be expect to experience loud audio and visual effects that will include strobe lights and fog, creating low visibility. Our environments can be physically demanding. Patrons should not participate if they are pregnant, have any physical limitations, are prone to seizures, or have heart or respiratory problems. Patrons using crutches, or wearing a cast or brace, are not recommended to participate. All patrons who enter the Haunted Library do so at their own risk. Patrons who appear to be intoxicated will NOT be admitted.


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