Voter Registration

To be eligible to register to vote in Texas, you must:
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • be a resident of the county
  • be 18 years older
  • not a convicted felon (unless a person's sentence is completed, including any probation)
  • not declared mentally incapacitated by a court of law
Register in Gregg County
Citizens may go to the Gregg County Courthouse, 101 E. Methvin St., Longview, TX. 903-236-8458

The voter registrar's office on the 1st floor, room 112. Citizens may also go to the Texas Department of Transportation, 416 Lake Lamond Rd., Longview, TX. 903-758-1788.

Register in Harrison County
Citizens may go to the Harrison County Courthouse, 200 W. Houston St., Marshall, TX. 1-903-935-4822

Register Online
Citizens may go to the Vote Texas website.  This site is powered by the Texas Secretary of State.