Small Agricultural Pavilion

The Small Agricultural Pavilion provides 12,375 square feet of lighted, covered space that can be utilized for a variety of activities. Over 7,000 square feet of this space is a dirt floor with two open walls on either side. A concrete pad of 3,000 square feet is enclosed on three sides.

In addition, the Small Agricultural Pavilion has restrooms and an air conditioned enclosed concession stand with vending windows. Great for staging a barn dance, birthday party, company picnic, or any activity in a covered atmosphere yet with an open air feeling.

The concession stand includes a refrigerator, chest freezer, and wash sinks along with concession window for sales.

Large Agricultural Pavilion Layout

Class I - Regular Rates

Area  Rate  
Small Shed$100 / Day
Large Shed$125 / Day
Entire Area$175 / Day
General Use Area$500 / Day

Class II - Tax Exempt Rates

Area  Rate  
Small Shed$50 / Day
Large Shed$60 / Day
Entire Area$85 / Day
General Use Area$250 / Day

*If a move-in / out, rehearsal time, or setup day is required, then a minimum fee of one-half of the daily rates specified above shall be charger for such use, if such use is limited to 8 hours of less.